Summer Garden l Beer Garden

Summer Garden

Every wednesday to sunday in good weather

There is nothing better than sitting outside in sunny weather, enjoying fresh drinks and delicious food. The summer garden of the Hugo & Notte restaurant invites you to do just that! And with a unique view of the historic Französischer Dom. Come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

PS: By the way, this year we are the only beer garden on Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt ;)

Summer Garden Menu

Hugo Breads

Rich in Vitamins


To spoon

Non alcoholic drinks


Longdrinks / Cocktails

Open wines, Champagne & Cremant

Additives included
1) with preservative, 2) with dye, 3) with antioxidant, 4) with sweetener, 5) with phosphate, 6) sulphurated, 7) quinine, 8) caffeinated, 9) with flavor enhancer, 10) blackened, 11) waxed
Contained allergens
A) Nuts (nuts), B) Mustard and mustard products, C) Sesame seeds, D) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites, E) Eggs and egg products, F) Fish and fish products, G) Contains gluten, H) Celery and celery products, K) Crustaceans, L) Milk and milk products (lactose), N) Peanuts and peanut products, P) Lupines, S) Soy and soy products, W) Molluscs (snails, mussels, squid, oysters)


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